How could you fund your travels?

Want to travel the world, but think you can't afford it?

Well, maybe you can’t right now. Neither could I. But 6 continents, 40+ countries and 4+ years later… I’m still travelling.

What’s my secret?

It’s called getting a job.

I found jobs overseas. I applied for them. I got them.

I used them (and their numerous associated perks and visas) to get myself round the globe.

Since 2011 I have funded all my travels in this manner, and I have created a killer lifestyle for myself in the process.

And now, I’m going to show you how to do the same.

Why work abroad?

Your ticket to travel the world

Let’s be clear: It certainly isn’t for everyone.

And that’s cool.

But it is for me.

Personally, I love it. Read some of my stories- all of the crazy sh*t I’ve done as a direct result- and you’ll see why.

Perhaps working abroad could be your golden ticket to travelling the world, as it has been for me.

It could be your key to endless adventures, your access to remote destinations and exotic cultures.

It will give your friends for life. It will take you on a wild journey of self-discovery

And what’s more, these jobs are relatively simple to get.

Who is this for?

Info on this site is designed for 20-somethings with UK / EU / USA / AUS / NZ  passports, predominantly.

Maybe you want to do this on your gap year.

Maybe you’ve just been made redundant and are a bit lost.

Maybe you’ve graduated and want a little break before the ‘real world’ (be warned, you probably won’t go home).

Maybe you want to take a sabbatical.

Maybe you’re having a mad life crisis and just want to be something a bit mental (good for you).

Or maybe you want to be a bit of a Peter Pan like me, and create a badass lifestyle built around your hobbies.

Whatever you want… Let me show you how working abroad can both fund your travels and get you overseas.

Tell me more

The most common question I am asked, is how can I afford to just keep on travelling?

Am I secretly rich, or getting substantial help from the bank of Mum and Dad, or existing purely on hand-outs and noodles?

None of these things are true (okay, sometimes the noodles).

The truth is, you CAN fund yourself as you travel; and what’s more you will get so much out of a country by actually living there and experiencing life as a local.

I feel like not many people realise the vast opportunities that exist around the world, and so this entire website is about sharing them.

It’s often forgotten, but work opportunities are there! For anything from 5 months all-expenses paid seasons, to designing your own completely alternative lifestyle. It’s my aim to show you these options and tell my stories.



Over the years I have been fortunate enough (and worked hard enough) to live and work in seven different countries- UK (my homeland), USA, Croatia, Turkey, France, Australia and Thailand.

I do not speak a second language, and I have no trade skills. Instead I have succeeded with little more than research, persistence and a hospitality background (which anyone can get).

I have first hand experience of ski seasons, festival seasons, summer camps, yachting, wwoofing, and various backpackers jobs on the Australian Working Holiday Visa.

Here you will find guides to finding such employment, and you will also find stories about what I go up to working these seasons!

It’s not always pretty- I’ve pulled pubes out of plugholes, I’ve cleaned toilets with a toothbrush, I’ve taken boobs to the face, I’ve lost children at sea, I’ve broken bones, I’ve been chased by bulls and I’m banned from Turkey. There have been tears, tantrums, disappointments, loneliness and, as always, there is a relentless sense of homelessness.

But I wouldn’t change a thing. This lifestyle is unbelievable. It is exciting! It is challenging! Its is addictive!

It has changed me for the better, and with each new place, I just love it even more..

I have friends all over the world, my resume is bursting at the seams, I do well enough financially, and I have had such incredible, rich, ridiculous experiences. Experiences that are worlds away from two nights in a hostel getting pissed with other Brits (no offence guys, I’m just getting old).

I have many more adventures planned, and I will be constantly updating this site with my tips and advice on finding, and enjoying, all kinds of work abroad, as I go and do it myself.

So please have a look around, and be inspired to chase your quarter life crisis down the rabbit hole of overseas work. You won’t be disappointed!

As always, please get in touch with any questions, I am only too happy to help people realise their dreams.

Under 30 and wanna live abroad for a bit?

Get yourself a working holiday visa and get outta here!

Wanna be a seasonnaire?

The good, the bad and the ugly. Guides to season jobs around the world